Mike's Story

Hi!  My name is Mike Wolfe. I've been picking through junk ever since I was a kid. For me and my friends, it was all about the treasure hunt.

My room was filled with all sorts of rusty stuff I'd found in the woods behind my house or garage sales. I collected anything I could find but mostly old comic books, plastic soldiers, monster models, sticker and signs. My favorites were bicycles people had thrown away. I would pull them out of the garbage, fix them up and then trade or sell them.

The best thing about collecting was the stories older people would tell me about the things I found, or what I could learn about my collection at the library. For me, it's all about the history: Where did it come from? Who owned it before? What was it used for way back when and how can it be used today? There is always a story behind every found object.

That's why I created the KidPickers.com Pickin' Post. It's a place for you to show off photos of all your treasures and favorite finds and then tell us all the story behind each one. You can also see what other kids are picking, too. I wish I had a website like this when I was a kid.

Never in my wildest dreams as a young boy searching through piles of rust, could I have imagined that I would be lucky enough to do this for a job. And now... I even have my own television show American Pickers.

Kid Pickers rule. Have fun. Be safe.
Mike Wolfe – American Picker

What is Mike’s Favorite Thing to Pick?