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Teacher Testimonials

Joseph Koeberl

I teach middle school American History. History is so much more than the names, dates, and people long gone, it’s the story – something I think you guys oftentimes bring out in your shows. It’s obvious you have a passion for what you do. And that passion feeds my students an interest in some area of history.

Brenda Gallardo

I’m an English teacher, but I definitely see how the show and the featured items/finds could provide for a great creative writing exercise for my students!

Durk E. Brownlee

American Pickers could be the inspiration for a fantastic multidisciplinary unit of study—math, history, geography, language arts, and science included. There’s room for technology, too. There are dessons abound for us all.

Nick Baldassaro

Expanding young minds and exposing them to the facts, artifacts, and people of other times and walks of life is an invaluable contribution to the education of our kids.

Owen Melvin Miller

As a language arts teacher, there are a million stories that can be written about picking and the stories behind the collections. There is always history and social studies involved in what our country was like and how people lived or why thing were made. It can be a very good learning experience.

Colleen Woods

I’m in education and I see kids benefiting from “picking” everyday. My students are now interested in inventions and the history that went along with them. It’s nice watch them share their new-found curiosity for history. – Making History Fun!

Kids are already ingrained with a natural curiosity, an impulse to explore and sense of discovery. They are thrilled by the hunt. From the first cool bottle or rusty metal sign they find and drag home, it's clear that kids are born pickers. Their bedrooms are full of found stuff. Collections are built and traded. And grandpa's old stuff comes with the patina of time and stories of family history and legends.

Now I want to pass my passion for the great American tradition of exploring, collecting, and trading to another generation of kids. This is why I've created

The Mission

The purpose of Kid PickersTM is to encourage children to explore their local community and interact with the real-life characters that surround them, fostering an appreciation for the history and people behind their found objects. Both the website and my upcoming book will be filled with learning moments, mixing history, geography, repurposing, recycling, collecting and most of all, a spirit of adventure.

Your Child's Profile features profiles of kids from across America and stories of their personal best picks. From an 8-year-old's collection of over 2,000 Star Wars collectibles in Georgia, to a 12-year-old's collection of presidential memorabilia in New York City, the Kid Picker community will share the passion and history behind each collection.