How You Know You're A Kid Picker?

  • You're part explorer, part treasure hunter, part detective
  • You dig dirt and rust 
  • Old things are cool, again
  • You're more curious than a cat
  • You're good with numbers
  • You like to use your imagination
  • History rocks!

Picking Detective

Being a Kid PickerTM is all about unlocking the mysteries of our past. Start with your family. Anytime you start to sort through old items and artifacts, especially family items, you are taking on the role of a detective.

Now connect with the people around you. Do your homework. Ask good questions. Write it all down. This is the first step in becoming a master Kid Picker.

Every Picture Tells a Story!

Go find a very old family photograph and then ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who are the people in the photograph?
  • What can you learn about this person?
  • What year was the picture taken?
  • Where was it taken?
  • Notice how the people are dressed. Does this give you any clues about them?
  • What do you think their life was like back then?
  • What is in the background? 

It's amazing what you will learn.

What are the best places to learn the history of your picks?