We want you to have fun on To ensure your safety and the safety of other members, it's important that everyone keep our Community Rules in mind:

1. Have Fun

I understand that this site is for me, as well as for all other members. Everyone has a right to enjoy (Beta), and I will respect this right.

2. No Bullying Allowed

I will not bully, tease, harass, threaten, disrespect, embarrass, offend, or spread rumors about anyone on this site. These negative actions are known as "cyberbullying," and they will not be tolerated on (Beta).

3. Think Before Posting

I promise that anything I post on my (Beta) wall, or on other members' walls, will be truthful and accurate. I will not post any photos or use language that might hurt someone's feelings or embarrass them.

4. Only Me

I understand that only I can use my membership. I will not let anyone else access this site using my username or password, . I will not use (Beta) for any illegal purpose, or to help others in any illegal activities.

5. Report It!

If I see anyone breaking one of these rules, I will Report It! to (Beta) right away. I understand that I can report confidentially any violations. Report a user by clicking on the 'Report it' link under their photo on their profile page.

6. Consequences

If I break any of these rules, I understand that I may no longer be allowed to use (Beta). If the violation is serious enough, my parents and the police will be notified. (Beta) wants members to have fun on this site and knows that everyone's privacy is important. But, if the (Beta) team believes that any member is in danger, it will contact the parents.